Screen Lab is a training and mentorship program that focuses on production and distribution of visual narratives across media platforms. The goal of the program is to develop a hub of visual storytellers and support them in a complex media landscape through training in practical tool application, production resources, industry insights and networking.

Available Screen Lab formats include Screen Lab Express (a two-day intensive weekend to one week sessions) and the full-scale three-month program Screen Lab, that provides a simulation of the story production process. The full-scale Lab s designed to meet production, financing and distribution needs of participants. We have partnered with journalism and art schools in the US and internationally to produce our upcoming Labs In 2018 including Screen Lab Express, a new format with thematic focus offered in connection to festivals and extra-curriculum activities at universities.

Current calls are posted on this page. Please, follow us on social media for up-to date announcements.


In our everyday practice as producers, editors and curators we encounter numerous storytellers with well researched and visually stunning narratives who are facing roadblocks at different stages of their production process. They get stuck as they lack knowledge of principles that guide markets beyond traditional photography and editorial media: broadcasting, film, art, technology.

As a small production team there are only so many original projects we can take on. We wanted to channel our findings obtained through trying a  lot of different things - from installation and film, to interactive web and live performance - in a format that could  benefit larger numbers of visual journalists and artists  and not just the few that we get to work with. This is how Screen Lab came about.



Produced by Screen in partnership with RMIT University’s School of Media and Communication and School of Art, Melbourne, Australia.

DATES        March 17-18, 2018

VENUE        RMIT University, Melbourne

We are excited to bring our first Screen Lab to the southern hemisphere in 2018, starting with Screen Lab Express at RMIT University in Melbourne this March. Screen Lab Express will be a prelude to our longer three-month Screen Lab program to be held at RMIT in the second half of 2018.



Over the course of the intensive weekend session, the participants will hear from Screen producers, editors and project creators and discuss the challenges and solutions of producing and sustaining in-depth visual narratives across multiple platforms and markets.   

Participants will get an overview of new methods and business models for building their personal brand as a contemporary visual storyteller through signature personal narratives.

Drawing from their extensive careers in journalism and visual storytelling Lab experts will present case studies of projects they had worked on. Guest speakers will discuss distribution opportunities and strategies outside of the editorial market. Participants will have their projects reviewed and critiqued.



The Lab program will be hosted and facilitated by Screen’s Co-Founder Liza Faktor (USA), Transmedia Producer and Curator.  She will be joined by guest experts:

    •    Adam Ferguson (AUS), Photographer
    •    Zackary Canepari (USA), Photographer and Filmmaker (via online conference).

Additional guest speakers will be confirmed in February. 



Screen Lab Express is open to practicing photographers and visual journalists, and advanced graduate and post-graduate students. Participants should have existing work-in-progress to present as a coherent story, in still images, video or mixed media.


COSTS            $650 AUD



Detailed info on Screen Lab Express-Australia can be found here.

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The inaugural Screen Lab was held in October 2015-January 2016 at the IFP Media Center and CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York, followed by the second lab held February-May 2016 at Central Working in London.

Screen Lab alumni emerge with new confidence on how to move forward with their projects, find support and collaborators with a different set of skills - cinematographers, coders, film editors, directors, audio engineers, photo editors, curators, and creative directors.


"Screen Lab was a mind-blowing experience for me. Being exposed to such great projects in different stages and very prepared professionals has not only opened my mind to continue with my Condor project, but also to think completely differently about my next projects to come." - Joao Pina


"Screen Lab's success for me is centered on its role as an incubator for ideas; and a space for sharing the work on a deeper level than is normally possible with key industry professionals, as well as within the peer group. It has also been instrumental in raising my ambitions for the project." - Louis Quail


"I attended Screen Lab to workshop my transmedia project Gravity Is Stronger Here. The participants were extraordinary and the range of projects was impressive. It was an inspiring company. The core Screen mentors were critical and supportive with a keen sense of what was working and not working. The experience catapulted me into a workspace where I was motivated and equipped to make the best work I could. In the end, Screen Lab was an essential part of this project coming to fruition." - Phyllis Dooney


"Screen Lab was a game changer for me. I had too many thoughts and ideas on where to take my work that I couldn't get any one thing done. All of the wonderfully insightful teachers/lecturers who took part in the lab forced me to focus, helped me create a strategy, and continued the support long after the lab finished." - Justin Maxon


"Screen Lab facilitated a collaborative environment with talented artists and mentors that challenged my capabilities of storytelling and vision." - Kim Raff


"Attending the lab was an important experience which in short term permitted me to receive a huge amount of feedback from professionals with very different backgrounds. Was extremely helpful to share the lab with such talented photographers and artists and all questions and ideas received during it helped to understand better how the one see the project and which shape want to give it." - Katia Repina


"Screen Lab made me think in depth about my long term projects, looking beyond making images and into the contextual, organizational, production and promotional aspects. It focused seriously on making behind-the scenes links to professionals and institutions and offered guidance on funding and connections to places that could possibly get interested in my work. The sessions were extremely dense with information, with a lot to digest. Screen team made me realize that being able to talk about and contextualize my work in a relevant way is a crucially important aspect that I'm now applying to every one of my new and ongoing projects.

Screen strengthened my way of working, gave me a much more accurate view and context on the work I'm doing, and pointed out in detail the strengths and weaknesses of my existing approaches, opening up a whole new playing field for me to explore and work on. Oh, and I made great friends along the way, of course!" - Anton Kusters


"Screen has been, and continues to be, an incredible resource and network. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with a group of distinguished and exciting collaborators." - Monica Alcazar-Duarte