Screen Production Lab is a training and mentorship program that focuses on production and distribution of visual documentaries across media platforms.



The Lab’s goal is to develop a hub of visual narrators in a complex media landscape where stories remain at the core of the debate. A core group of experts will support them through communication, practical tool application, production resources, industry insights and training. Together we will develop a production plan and the outreach strategy to help develop, finance and distribute your visual stories.



The Lab program consists of two 5-day face-to-face sessions with a group of production experts, three months apart. Between the labs we offer one-to-one project mentoring. The 1st session is focused on production issues, while the 2nd session is centered on distribution and culminates with a pitching panel in front of experts from film, broadcasting, publishing and art backgrounds. The Lab is designed to meet production, financing and distribution needs of participants’ stories. A program of public events in conjunction with our partners will be scheduled during the Labs.



We will select up to 20 participants - professional visual storytellers with a story in development or production stage, who are searching for ways to develop it creatively, financially or are looking for distribution channels.



The lab is led by award-winning stills and film editors, curators, interactive producers, distributors and programmers.



Screen Production Lab is a four-month, production-oriented training and mentorship program that focuses on the new visual documentary in its variety of formats and distribution paths. This lab simulates real production and distribution scenarios for participants.

You will be attending a production lab. Screen is the production house and the distributor. 

Screen picks up a limited amount of projects a year to produce and distribute. We’ll consider the projects that come through our labs and if we can´t take them on ourselves, we´ll help you find people who will.

We are looking for well-developed, unusual and innovative visual stories that lack the resources to be packed into final products. Together we will develop a production plan and the outreach strategy that will get your stories where they need to go.



Today´s most interesting imagemakers work across many media platforms and markets. At the core of this new visual documentary is the intersection of media: ‘new’ ― interactive, data, games ― and ‘old’ ― audio, photography, video, book, installation.

To work effectively in this mode often requires teaming up with cinematographers, coders, film editors, directors, audio engineers, photo editors, curators, and creative directors, who provide skills and insider knowledge of other media industries. Screen Lab is a meeting place that provides participants with the opportunity to work alongside these experts in film, photography and art worlds.

Collaboration is key. 

While the editorial market has been in distress for years there are opportunities in the film, new media and art industries. Screen Lab will help you figure out these funding and distribution paths and get your project to the next level, putting it in front of distributors and buyers in the film, art and editorial markets.



Who should apply?

Experienced visual storytellers (photojournalists, videographers, visual artists and producers) with stories in development or production stage, exploring innovative design and distribution for their projects.



The Lab consists of two 5-day in-person sessions, separated by three months during which we will work together online to follow up on project development toward the 2nd session.

The Lab curriculum will guide the participants through cross platform documentary practices with a comprehensive view of film, broadcasting, publishing and art markets. We will investigate story development, production and distribution methods, and work around subject matter to engage pre-existing audiences and communities.

The ultimate goal of the Lab is to find tangible solutions for each participating project.

15 to 20 selected participants and 5 experts will gather during the live sessions. 

The dates for our next available Lab are:

The first session, focused on production issues, will take place from October 13-17, 2015 in New York.

The second session, centered on distribution, will take place in January 2016 at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York. 

The second session of the Lab will conclude with a pitching panel where participants will have an opportunity to pitch their project in front of buyers and funders from different backgrounds: digital and traditional broadcasters, museum and film curators.



Both sessions will be accompanied by a public event presenting lectures by the lab experts and guest speakers (to be announced in September).



The participants are chosen on the basis of their portfolio and application. The participants should present a documentary work-in-progress and ideas for deliverables and production plan. Projects with potential to be produced across platforms will be given a priority.

Submit your projects to join us for the first production lab. To apply, send us email to amber@screenprojects.org with the following materials  included:

_project description (under 1 page)

_stills (not more than 20 or a pdf)

_link to a video or audio sample

_CV, bio & contact information

Please, note that it is not obligatory to include multiple media for your project! Your project may consist of just stills or video. We are interested in how you see your story told in more than one product, not in multiple media.




$1,350 - 1st session (you save $150). Deadline to sign up: August 1, 2015

$2,350 - 2 sessions (you save $300 extra on top of $500 off the full package). Deadline to sign up: August 1, 2015

$1,500 - 2nd session (you save $150). Deadline to sign up: October 15, 2015



$1,500 - 1st session. Deadline to sign up: September 15, 2015

$1,650 - 2nd session. Deadline to sign up: December 20, 2015

$2,650 - 2 sessions (you save $500 off the full package). Deadline to sign up: September 15, 2015



Those who choose to attend the first session only, have the priority to sign up for the second session before Oct 15. Please, note that the space is limited.

Participants are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation costs.



Our team of experts brings together a unique combination of skills and production capacity. Most of us have been in the industry for over 20 years. The lab is led by award-winning picture editors and multimedia producers [4-5 members of the team will be teaching at each session]:

Jamie Wellford, picture editor, producer and curator

Liza Faktor, curator and transmedia producer

Bjarke Myrthu, interactive & multimedia producer

Adrian Kelterborn, multimedia producer, director and editor

Ivan Sigal, media projects designer and producer

Anna Zekria, curator and agent

Monica Allende, photo editor and cultural producer

Amber Terranova, photo editor and educator

Frank Kalero, communicator and filmmaker

Andre Costantini, filmmaker

Ramon Pez, creative director and book maker

The lab will invite guest speakers for each session: photographers and filmmakers with case studies, TV & digital broadcaster commissioning editors, new media & video curators, film festival programmers, museum curators, interactive designers and coders.


Executive producer: 

Amber Terranova

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