We were a production group of image-makers, editors, and producers who worked together on documentary and hybrid projects about issues and places that are important to us.

Having started off in 2011 as a group of friends and colleagues in search of a fluid framework to collaborate and innovate, we took up projects that explored impactful and compassionate storytelling beyond the limitations of editorial media and in some cases crossed over from documentary to fiction. 

Over the past seven years we got to collaborate with some of the most daring storytellers out there, as well as exceptional producers, designers, film editors, theatre directors, sound artists and creative technologists. We were given great opportunities to showcase some of the exceptional experimental work produced by other studios and independent image-makers while working on commission to curate shows and programs for festivals and biennales.

In other words, we have made and shown things through trial, error and success.

We have now come to a point where we feel like Screen has served its purpose as a laboratory for storytelling experiments and did its share of spreading the word about transmedia practices in visual journalism and beyond. The time has come for us to wrap up as a production group as our individual projects demand attention and time commitment and new challenges are calling.

We are grateful for our collective experience and remain committed to producing and sustaining great stories for audiences around the world.

October 2018

- Liza, Amber, Jamie, Frank, Ivan, Bjarke



Chief of Content/Co-founder

Liza Faktor


Executive Producer

Amber Terranova



Ivan Sigal, Frank Kalero, Bjarke Myrthu, Jamie Wellford



producers: Anna Zekria, Adrian Kelterborn, Monica Allende

design: Anya Naumova, Ramon Pez, Guillermo Brotons

film: Andre Costantini

sound: Amir Husak



Justin Mulroy, Matthew Denicola

COVER IMAGE © Dominic bracco II